Phase 1: Parts Number: 1 – SPST Switch (I used a toggle-switch) 1 – DIRECTED for "ON" indication crimson or inexperienced (Radio Shack sells LEDis with resistor "350 ohm" it is possible to mount. That’s what I employed.) 1 – 350 ohm Resistor 1 – 7805 Voltage Regulator 1 – 22uF Capacitor 1 – 10nF Capacitor (signal 103) 2 – 33K Resistors 2 – 22K Resistors (Other ideals can be used, read step two) 1 – Feminine USB Connector (I obtained mine at a dollar-store) 1 – 9v Connection 1 – 9v Battery Electrical Tape Solder Soldering Iron Little bit of perfboard Altoids Tin Dremel Device with chopping tin or attachment snips to slice the container Exercise for BROUGHT and swap opening Hot-Glue Paint if you like For some of the areas you need to use techno scrap and recycle previous broken electronics or perhaps get them. I wanted to-use components which might be no problem finding and cheap so everything can be purchased at Radio Shack or in case your do not mind online purchasing I like servlet/StoreFront because it’s cheep! rushessay research paper I hope you benefit from the task. Merely a fair warning that there surely is a tiny opportunity that anything may FAIL and you will find yourself baking your truly expensive iPod. Be careful.